Freedom – what does it mean to you?


After a guided meditation I was able to locate one word which suggests the thing that is most important to me. When it comes down to it, I want freedom. I would love to be able to just get up and go for a dog walk, taking my time to listen to the trees and see the birdlife flying around overhead.  Enabling me the freedom to pick up my laptop and get on with being a success but in my own time, on my own terms.  Knowing that should the family need me, I could be there. Knowing that if my crohns was having a funny moment, I could deal with taking a quick break from the task in hand.

Freedom can mean many things. Let’s look at financial freedom. For instance, what does that mean to you? Does it mean you are rolling around in spare money? Does it mean you have enough to pay the bills?  Maybe your dream is to pay the bills and be able to go out once a month for a nice meal, or get your manicure…these things all mean different things to different people. 

I would love the time and finance to travel.  Therefore, perhaps right now this might mean I don’t quite live in Southfork, with horses in the surrounding land and a gated property able to hold parties for all to envy. No, right now if I want that life this means here and now I keep with my house which is more than adequate and therefore I am able to live the dream of renting somewhere else here and there and see different parts of the world.

For me, freedom is the right to choose.  Now don’t get me wrong, the majority of my life I have been ball and chained to my job.  Even taking 53 weeks work over a single day off once upon a time.  Not one day in over a year.  Although this job was working from home but the routine was

1. get up at 8am to let the cleaner in

2. sit in the office with a cup of tea and balance the tills from the day before

3. get everything ready for the lunchtime service. 

Taking a break between 4 and 6pm to get some nap time in before evening service within the restaurant and finally clearing up, cashing up and getting to bed around 2am.  

53 weeks.

Was that freedom?

Still, I loved it and dare not to question it as this was how I defined success back then.  In the days before being a mum.  For me, I couldn’t see how I could possibly carry on with this lifestyle at that time without something having to give.  The something wasn’t going to be my children. Imagine the stress it would take to try and get to do the school run, the school play, the fun days and sporting events. For some mums, they might juggle all this successfully but my idea of freedom would have meant doing something differently.  For me, it meant a change of direction.  

Fast forward to where we are today and my idea of freedom is even different still.  I love being able to take random days to stroll on the beach. Where someone else might decide they would love to take their yacht out on the seas, that’s not my dream, for me it’s simply fine to get my bare feet in the sand.

Your definition of freedom

What is your definition of freedom?  Work backwards.  So, imagine it’s paying off the mortgage.  Use  a mind map to discover how you can reach your ultimate goal of clearing the mortgage.  Does this mean working and earning more in your spare time maybe selling some ‘junk’ within the house. Remember one mans junk is another mans treasure.  Maybe you will go out for one less meal a month and pay that extra money off the mortgage.  It will take a little time to reach your ultimate goal and once you are there you will soon realise there is another goal waiting for you. Without these goals to tick off, we will quickly lose the will to strive for our aim. Remember the song ‘The Climb’? Well this illustrates in musical terms that it is simply the journey up the mountain that life is all about rather than getting to the top!

So plan what your ‘thing’ is which will allow you to feel you are living life and decide how you will get there, remembering to add in the feelings of what it will be like once the end goal is reached!

Good luck my friends!

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