I get it.

You’re tired.

You want more from life but this is like a never ending hamster wheel where there simply isn’t time to devote to yourself.

You want more. More energy. You want to feel that sassy inner person who you really know you can be.

Walking into a room that time when you felt powerful and a little bit confident…do you remember the old you? I know how that feels and you want that person back.

Even if every day you promise yourself you will eat better, refuse that piece of cake and start this day afresh, something always comes along to interrupt you.

I’m right. I know. I’ve been there.

Constantly there is someone bringing in a piece of cake as it’s their birthday, or you have to have the latte at the coffee shop as Mint tea isn’t cutting it today.

You deserve that coffee today and you will work later if you have it.

Leading you to a more productive day so you can then go ahead and earn more, be more, have more, do more.

When possibly all you want is to be free.